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The Wrong Door

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Paul E. Richardson


Sometimes when you go through the wrong door, you end up someplace entirely harmless.

Other times, you find yourself trapped in a parallel universe.

Life is funny that way.

"At precisely the same moment, Alex and Jen knew they had gone in the wrong door, into the wrong apartment building. And they somehow knew that there was more to it than a simple case of mistaken entry. Because when they looked back toward the doorway they had just entered, there was nothing there."

So begins an adventure unlike anything that either Alex or Jen could have imagined in their otherwise ordinary lives. It will take everything they think they know and everything they didn’t know they had in them to save not just the world they have fallen into... but themselves.

This young adult fantasy (Book 1 of 2 in The Wrong Trilogy) is a fast-moving, gripping tale of discovery and adventure. Yet it is also a story about the power of words and ideas to change lives... and to save a world.

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"This book was an adventure right from the first page. One of those books that you cannot move on with your day until you finish the next chapter. The story is about two friends, Alex and Jen. On their way home from school, they enter the wrong apartment complex. Leading them to a parallel universe while meeting very strange but interestingly fun characters! Alex and Jen, ordinary turned into extraordinary while they are told they shall carry out a task that only they as human’s can do! I really think young readers will enjoy this book as well as a great adventure for the older readers." {Simple Taste for Reading}

"I thought this book was fun and well written. Good for a younger age group also. Fun Fantasy read without gore and nastiness." {Amazon review}

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