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Russian Life is the 61-year-young bimonthly magazine of Russian history, culture, business and travel. Each colorful, 64-page issue contains fine features, news and photo journalism on all aspects of life in Russia, past and present.
Regular departments include: Practical Traveler, Travel Journal, Russian Calendar (important events in Russian history that month), Russian Cuisine and Survival Russian, a guide to the Russian you really need to know.
To take advantage of the special classroom copies offer, you MUST order online, and you MUST pay at the time of your order, and your delivery address MUST be in the United States. This price is available to teachers of the Russian language at the high school level or higher, with a delivery address in the United States.
YOUR FIRST ISSUES will typically arrive within 3-4 weeks of our receipt of your order, depending on the speed of mail delivery. If you order today, your first issue will be the issue pictured on the main pages of our website. Of course, if you are ever dissatisfied with your subscription to Russian Life, you may cancel at any time and receive a refund for all unmailed issues.


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